4th March 2011

Internet and Social Networking are NOT ‘just tools’

Seth Godin and many others seem to believe that the Internet and Social Networking are ‘just tools’ to help you in your business. Or your marketing. Or your professional customer network building. It’s constantly mentioned in their writing, including in Seth’s magic book, Tribes.

But they’re not.

The Internet and the Social Networking platforms they have enabled are actually the main game… Or at the very least, they are the venues for the main game. They are the world changers. The big enablers. They are the game.

You could argue that Social Media is just a tool because Social Media sites are essentially platforms for delivering messages and content. But Social Networking is a relationship and network builder too.

And if you understand and know in your heart that humans are herd animals, then you already know that Social Networking and the power it delivers can change the face of the business world as we know it.

Saying that Social Networking is just a tool is like saying the internal combustion engine was also just a tool – well, it was. But it was also so much more. It was a world changer.

Similarly, the telephone is just a tool. But again, also a world changer.

Commentators constantly dismiss the Internet and Social Networking as being mere tools- tools that shouldn’t distract you from the real world of business.

But this is dangerous. And damaging. And completely missing the point.

Find out more about Social Media with Lead Generation here.

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