11th January 2012

Buying vs. Selling: New Definitions for the Social Networking Age

Buying: Willingly acquiring something you need, with your selection often based on the recommendations of others. You generally finish the transaction feeling satisfied. Maybe even happy.

Selling: Attempting to convince someone they need your service even though they may not. The purchaser often leaves the transaction with buyer’s remorse. Was I oversold? Did I do enough research to compare suppliers?

Buying starts with them picking up the phone. When they do, who has the power? And who starts the relationship as a trusted advisor. Even possibly as the expert they need to talk to.

With cold calling you are handing power over to your prospect. Totally. You have given the person you have called the power to decide whether you succeed or fail. Incredible power.

And once you have handed it over, you often need to resort to “I’ll do anything to get your business”. So price is now on the table and inevitably comes down. Calls on weekends to your mobile. Extra product tossed in!

And all because you handed over your most valuable possession: your power. Your positioning. And their belief that you could ‘walk away’ and not want to deal with them probably never existed. And if it did, it has vanished.

Keep your power, and you will shorten your sales cycle.

You want buyers. You don’t want to be a seller!

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